Be Your Own Hero

About This Project


The goal of this class project was to create a horizontal positive propaganda piece inspired by WPA posters. I chose to create a feminist poster because I feel that it is a very important topic to raise awareness about. My message to women everywhere is to be your own hero. Do what you need to do for yourself. Don’t expect or ask for it from other people.


I used original artwork for this project. I drew a girl applying red lipstick because red lipstick has become a popular feminist symbol. It is a statement that girls and women everywhere do not have to act like men to be accepted as equals. Lipstick is unanimously feminine, yet it can be just as powerful as masculinity which is typically viewed as more powerful in society. The point of my poster is to emphasize that you can be feminine and strong at the same time.


I used a flat illustration technique to keep in line with the original WPA posters. I looked at many different posters, and came up with many different variations on my color theme, some of which I have displayed here.