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On My Own Derech

On My Own Derech was my BFA Thesis Project. It is meant to help people who are looking to leave religious Judaism by providing them with information, other people’s experiences, as well as resources to contact.

In order to bring this project to life, I surveyed, and ultimately, interviewed people who left or are trying to leave Ultra Orthodox Judaism. I aimed to capture an honest look through their eyes at how leaving affected them, both positively, and negatively.

The branding is the blue of the Israeli flag – a Jewish symbol that does not necessarily equate to religion. I chose a typeface with organic and playful qualities, because this project is about leaving a religion full of endless rules and rigidity.

I chose to solely utilize illustrations for this project due to massive privacy concerns of those still physically in the religious community.

I wanted my illustrations to be human yet removed – symbolic of those who are hidden away deep in the Ultra-Orthodox community. I did not want to show faces for this reason.

I created a booklet, because while a website is a great form for my project to live in, my target audience may not have access to the internet because Ultra-Orthodox / Hasidic Jews tend to view it as negative. A booklet is necessary so that people who do not have internet access can safely peruse the information at home.

I designed and developed a website that included a dictionary that appeared when viewers hovered over an unfamiliar word, as not everyone knows the ins and outs of Jewish terminology. The prompt to hover was a thin underline. It worked on mobile via tap as well.

Services & skills utilized

  • Branding
  • Print Design
  • Illustration
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • WordPress

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