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Hello! I’m Chai.

I’m a tinkerer at heart with a passion for creating functional and delightful user experiences.

I prioritize accessibility and functionality in everything I do, whether it is sewing, woodworking, or architecting a component library.

My design background ensures that my code choices are well-informed and part of a bigger picture.

When I’m not customizing my mechanical keyboard (Keychron K1 Pro, brown switch, RGB backlighting), chances are I am messing around on my Linux server, daydreaming about my next sewing project, or enjoying quality time with my partner and pets.

Word on the street

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Chai is an exceptional individual who stands above her peers in accessibility, development speed, and collaborative spirit. One of Chai's greatest strengths is her expertise in accessible web content. In an age where inclusivity is becoming increasingly important, Chai has shown a deep understanding of the principles and techniques required to create websites and applications that are accessible to all users. She understands how to create a user experience that is welcoming and inclusive, and her dedication to this important aspect of software development has not gone unnoticed.

Justin Wallace headshot
Justin Wallace

Staff Software Engineer @ OctoAI

Chai consistently demonstrates extensive knowledge and skills to deliver nothing less than high quality work. Her skills along with her dedication to her work allows her to be agile, quick to identify problems, all the while immediately problem solve to ensure there are no gaps or roadblocks within the process.

She has, and is always such a pleasure to collaborate with and learn from. She carries such a positive energy around her that makes working with her truly inspiring.

Debra Lee
Debra Lee

Senior Digital Project Manager @ Clique Studios

One defining characteristic Chai brings to the table is her ability to consistently think about all avenues that a user might need to take to access the product. She was known very clearly as a leading voice in user accessibility and often challenged others to rethink patterns and paradigms in their coding practices to prioritize a website that is useable by everyone.

I am strongly confident that whatever team Chai ends up on, success is bound to closely follow.

Curtis Cartier
Curtis Cartier

Sr Web Developer @ Webstacks

Chai and I have worked very closely and she has proven to be a reliable, helpful, solution oriented teammate in all contexts. She is quick to offer insights and recommendations to teammates and clients alike, always with the intention of meeting client's needs and subsequently exceeding their expectations. Chai is a knowledgable resource on all things TypeScript, and is widely known within the office to be a true expert on accessibility. Her attention to detail has improved every code base we have worked on together.

Erica Snyder headshot
Erica Snyder

Frontend Engineer @ Webstacks

Chai's transition from design to frontend development shines in her work, whether it be seamless frontend experiences or accessible, organized, and considered code. I learned a lot from her; she had interests in frontend development tools that I wasn’t familiar with, and she was able to dive into a subject and share those knowledge and skills extremely well. Not only is she technically skilled, but she’s incredibly communicative, a team player, a teacher, and a wonderful colleague!

Sarah Rooney headshot
Sarah Rooney

Frontend Developer @ Patagonia

Chai was a joy to work with! She’s a great communicator who is always quick to respond. She’s able to offer valuable sight not just on the development front, but also from a design perspective.

As a designer, I really appreciated Chai’s holistic approach to problem solving. She went above and beyond to provide feedback and suggestions during the design process. This was crucial to the team to ensure we implemented best practices and made handoff from design to development a seamless process.

Mo Chen Headshot
Mo Chen

UX/UI Designer @ Webstacks

Efficient, precise, considerate, and talented are among the descriptors that come to mind when working with Chai. Beyond her technical prowess, she excels as a collaborator, proactively engaging with cross-functional teams to harmonize design, functionality, and user-centricity. It's evident that Chai is an invaluable addition to any team.

Katie Naum headshot
Katie Naum

Senior UX/UI Designer @ Webstacks

Working with Chai was a treat! She's my favorite kind of engineer - one who can take the most complex ideas and simplify them for those of us who need the extra help understanding. She always took the time to make sure I was grasping these concepts for myself but also that I was relaying accurate information to our clients. She's a true master of her craft with an accessibility-first approach to everything she does. Any engineering team would be fortunate to have her!

Andrés J. Muñoz Rodriguez headshot
Andrés J. Muñoz Rodriguez

CSM @ Clique Studios

Chai was a valuable resource and a helpful mentor for my internship at Clique Studios. Whether it was walking me through implementing animations into my sites or teaching me how to best use templating through handlebars.js, Chai was always able to make complex concepts seem approachable and took the time to help give me what I needed to succeed.

Joe Kowalczyk headshot
Joe Kowalczyk

Engineering Intern @ Clique Studios

Chai was always available if I needed help, very accommodating and answered any questions I had when working on projects. She also guided me when working with Wordpress websites as well as CSS/HTML. This exposure to using code and working on the backend of Wordpress sites, coupled with Chai’s patience and eagerness to share her professional knowledge, provided me with useful knowledge for my current job. It was a pleasure learning and working with Chai.

Nina Guido
Nina Guido

Graphic Designer @ Katy Dwyer Design