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Hi, I’m Chai.

I’m a designer-turned-engineer obsessed with accessibility and user experience
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Recent work

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Long Island Laser Tag

Long Island Laser Tag

I developed a comprehensive brand and web presence for Long Island Laser Tag, leveraging a tech stack that includes Next.js, PayloadCMS, Storybook, and Jest.

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Half Moon Tavern logo

Half Moon Tavern

My partner has a passion for creating unique cocktails and needed a convenient way to store all of his recipes and for guests to select their drinks of choice. To address these needs, I designed and developed Half Moon Tavern.

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Lineup.ai is an AI-based forecasting software for restaurants. As project lead on this retainer client, I took primary responsibility for adding new features and ensuring that the site ran smoothly.

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Spreadsheet Record Exporter

Spreadsheet Record Exporter

A plugin for DatoCMS that allows you to export records as a spreadsheet via your project's dashboard.

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As a key engineer on this retainer client, I was responsible for various features, improvements, and integrations.

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If I listed every tool I used, this page would be super long. Here’s some I’ve used a bunch, though!