Half Moon Tavern

My partner has a passion for creating unique cocktails and needed a convenient way to store all of his recipes and for guests to select their drinks of choice. To address these needs, I designed and developed Half Moon Tavern.

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Half Moon Tavern homepage

Half Moon Tavern is a headless build; I have been utilizing decoupled builds for quite some time and find that they offer the best performance while still being extremely flexible for a variety of user needs.

The frontend is built using Next.js with incremental static regeneration. This provides the benefits of a static site generator, without the need to rebuild the site entirely for every content update. 

The backend uses PayloadCMS with a MongoDB database. I chose Payload because it is extremely developer friendly (config based, fully written in TypeScript), as well as easy to use for content editors.

PayloadCMS dashboard view; editing drink

The site is hosted on a Hetzner server, utilizing CapRover (a Docker-based deployment manager) for its CI/CD capabilities.