Custom Integrations

While working on Lineup,ai, I implemented and maintained numerous custom integrations, including ActiveCampaign, Segment, and Woopra.

Integrations tile with Active Campaign, Segment, Woopra logos

Active Campaign Integration

Lineup uses Active Campaign to coordinate marketing campaigns and increase visitor conversions. I helped maintain and add new features to a custom Active Campaign API integration. This involved quality of life updates like updating a contact to re-trigger a custom workflow vs a contact only being triggered once.

Active Campaign Dashboard

Segment Integration

Lineup.ai conducts regular A/B testing as well as makes use of analytics to understand their customer needs. They use Segment to collect these analytics and store for future use.

I implemented a tracking plan our team came up with them to help drive them towards their goal. This includes customized tracking schemas built into each relevant component that is then directed towards the Segment API.

Segment dashboard

Woopra Integration

Lineup.ai utilizes Woopra to sync existing data and generate easy to follow reports and customer journeys. I was in charge of ensuring that data flowed correctly from Segment and Active Campaign into Woopra. I worked with the Woopra engineers to navigate some webhook issues and ensure that Lineup’s reports were easy to follow and had all necessary data included.

Woopra dashboard