ROI Calculator

Lineup.ai added an ROI Calculator to their website with the goal of increasing demo conversions. The calculator data is sent to Active Campaign via API and kicks off an email campaign based on the visitor’s input.

Lineup ROI Calculator

The problem

Lineup.ai needed to make their website more engaging for visitors and boost the number of people signing up for demos.

The solution

Lineup's team collaborated closely with our Design team to develop a comprehensive solution. They provided us with a detailed formula and specific requirements for displaying results. The outcome was a beautiful ROI Calculator design, which I coded into a fully functional ROI Calculator.

Lineup ROI Calculator Component

The calculator includes robust error handling and a reset button that I made sure was included to improve accessibility and enhance the overall user experience. It lives in Lineup’s component library, and has an accompanying Storybook entry that is fully functional. 

Users can view their initial results on the site, but to boost conversions, Lineup offers the full results via email. The calculator values are stored in controlled inputs so that the data can be seamlessly sent to ActiveCampaign via a custom integration.

Lineup.ai calculator results component

When a user submits their information, it triggers an automated process that not only sends a personalized email with their data but also initiates a campaign automation to increase conversions.

Lineup.ai calculator results email

Overall, the calculator worked well at increasing conversions and Lineup has similar components slated for the future due to its success.