Long Island Laser Tag

I developed a comprehensive brand and web presence for Long Island Laser Tag, leveraging a tech stack that includes Next.js, PayloadCMS, Storybook, and Jest.

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Long Island Laser Tag Homepage

The problem

Long Island Laser Tag’s original Wordpress site was resulting in lost leads as it was difficult to navigate and slow. They also lacked a cohesive brand and voice, which was confusing for potential customers.

The solution

I developed a complete brand for LILT, including a logo and brand guidelines. I designed a modern, fun web experience while paying close attention to LILT’s goal of attaining new customer leads.

The Long Island Laser Tag website is a headless build, utilizing Next.js on the frontend and PayloadCMS with MongoDB on the backend. 

Long Island Laser Tag Payload

The site is hosted on a Hetzner server, utilizing CapRover (a Docker-based deployment manager) for its CI/CD capabilities.